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read it.


made even more relevant after all the stir amy chua’s Tiger Moms caused. I think this is the best cultural reflection essay on asian americans I have read to date. seriously. (if you’ve ever read one of those ridiculous out of date, just plain irrelevant cultural reflection essays–like the ones I’ve had to read because my middle school english teacher was really big on diversity and learning about our diverse student body’s cultures–you’ll really appreciate this one just because it’s at least relevant.)



In Fashion, Life, Think about this on May 2, 2011 at 4:41 pm

BVLGARI has recently pledged 7.5 Mil to Save the Children Fund, and part of this pledge comes from proceeds of BVLGARI Save the Children Ring sales. The ring retails for $370 and for every ring sold, BVLGARI gives $75 to Save the Children. Among 30 high profile bloggers given the opportunity to be an “embassador” (their rings most likely complimentary) to promote awareness (of the fund or the ring?) is seaofshoes & refinery29.

Could this be possibly another ill designed marketing ploy that exploits world issues, children, and people’s emotions? Support a child, shellout $370 for this subtle badge of honor that lets everyone know you’ve saved children while being on trend.

Granted, I’m not much of a BVLGARI fan–if David Yurman were to do a 100% of proceeds go to charity, you would see me pressing my nose against those glass displays at the store–I’m a bit put off by this. Doesn’t it seem a bit unethical? BVLGARI “pledged” 7.5 mil, each ring generates a donation of $75. I’m sure BVLGARI doesn’t plan on selling 100,000 rings (or do they..? scandalous) to uphold the pledge, but they are still pocketing revenue of $295 per ring sold.

Whatever their motivation maybe (or poor planning by their strategist), this campaign would have been astronomically more exciting were BVLGARI donating all proceeds of the rings sold. They have to fill the pledge somehow and it would have been more notable and raised fewer eyebrows with the all proceeds route.

Brief update from the basement lab

In Fashion, Think about this on April 6, 2011 at 3:37 pm

Life of the sad gradstudent have taken over the life of a happy sue who does grad school as a side gig. Things are getting better, and i wanted to do a quick update on my previous post the coveted before i go on posting more things.

they actually had serious bad pr involving copyright infringement issues with another blog who uses the-coveted.com. so they’ve officially changed their blog to thecoveteur.com. I guess the blogosphere wasn’t too kind to the new kid on the block. kids can be so mean these days.

can’t shake off the bad taste after all this hoopla about how this “high powered” new blog (good connections) was trying to overtake the “little girl next door” blog. it could have gone down soo much nicer: “oh you’ve been using the-coveted.com? sorry, i saw that the domain name thecoveted.com was still avail. i’ll be nice and change my name.” how’s that for good will?

seriously, bloggers need to stop throwing hissy fits.

thecoveteur.com still has beautiful pictures and lets you take a peep inside the coveted closets of fashion insiders!

A Tolerable Anarchy

In Current Obsession, Life, Think about this on November 9, 2010 at 12:16 am

The recent dinner conversations and coffee chats I have been having lately evolved around the idea of a family in our current society and its economic influences. And interestingly enough I picked up this book called a tolerable anarchy by jedediah purdy because it received favorable reviews and it reminded my of my philosophy classes from my undergraduate years. And there is this excerpt from the book that got me thinking more about this crazed country I am a citizen of and all of its broad farfetching implications. seriously, if you have unrelenting passion for learning and some serious ADD, i highly recommend this book.

Samuel Johnson the famed brit imagined of America and it’s laughable Declaration of Independence in the 1770’s as such: the colonists pursuing their anarchic principled into the forested hinterlands of North America, far from any superior power. Somewhere beyond the Allegheny Mountains, a lonely rebel and his dog would collapse near starvation. The man would give some sensible order, which the cur would defiantly refuse, and the pair would congratulate each other on their sublime liberty.

And this parable, the author feels that still applies to our nation today.

“there are plenty, too, who would say that Johnson’s parable of the American and his dog holds today: that we deny one another respect and care while congratulating ourselves on our freedom. For the left, this is the mark of the winner-takes-all, loser-pays American economy, where the unchecked market drives out fairness and compassion, and as one liberal commentator remarked after President George. W. Bush vetoed a children’s health bill, people are fee to die of whatever disease they choose. From the right, the problem lies more in a culture that prizes self-expression above all, makes abortion and same-sex intercourse constitutional rights, and neglects fidelity, integrity, and other virtues that preserve families and communities.”

i’ll let you mull it over.

Monday Morning Inspiration

In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Life, Think about this on October 25, 2010 at 1:46 pm

dreary morning in boston. and it’s monday, which puts me in a even drearier mood. but this short had me up and running. i have to do the things I have to do or else it wouldn’t be mine to do.

its touching to think that there are these people out there who have no idea i exist who i had no idea they existed that inspire me everyday. that do the tasks I would never credit them for doing but do it any way and do it FANTASTICALLY.

and the soundtrack to this documentary is also inspiring. perfect with morning tea.


UP THERE – trailer from The Ritual Project on Vimeo.

Oh Hello

In Life, Think about this on June 7, 2010 at 9:38 am

Three days ago, I graduated from college. After the four long years of complaining about how shitty boston weather is and how my body is disintegrating due to lack of sleep, I’ll be returning to boston in the fall to the same school for grad school. So much for change of pace.

While my friends excitedly gushed over how scaredexcited they were about “real life” and were busy planning the iconic summer trip to europe for the newlygrads, I sat there kicking myself for not having gotten an internship. Truth is there is no way I could have fit in an internship between spending two weeks in Korea for an engineering conference and a month in France for frolicking. (Deeper truth is I didn’t even know why I wanted an internship–I graduated! for heaven’s sake–it was my workaholic alter ego speaking)

Three days later, I’m sitting in the front lawn of my parent’s home in the suburbs of Atlanta basking in the morning sun and still kicking myself. I have the entire month of june to spend at home with no plans.

I feel like the lame friend who “lives at home” after graduation. I feel unemployed. I feel like I am still financially dependent on my parents. I feel like all of the above are facts and not feelings. I have no after work happy hours to look forward to and I won’t be making bank. I’ll be a dirt poor grad student creepily checking out undergrads and living in my lab. never to see the daylight.  ( I sincerely hope I won’t become one of those creepy grad students. yuck). If I could turn back time, I would confront seven months ago me busily filling out applications and ask. seriously? seriously? Seven months ago me would have some profound answer on how I planned to do ground breaking research that would change the world, something you can’t do while sitting on wall street cranking out numbers to make someone else rich.

But today I am sitting in my front lawn, basking in the morning sun, eating whole grain crepes that taste way too healthy and wondering why anyone would live in the suburbs where you can’t do anything besides eat sleep and garden.

I’m hundred percent positive that 5 months later me who is buried knee deep in work and sleep deprived will scream at present me for not cherishing the fleeting idyllic moments I had. So i’m going to take the last bite of this incredibly healthy tasting whole grain crepe, and help my dear mother re-decorate the house for the 149th time.

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

In Beautiful, Fashion, Life, Think about this on February 21, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Cheers to the man who never took fashion too seriously but always showed how he felt about it in a marvelous way that intrigued us all. Here’s to the man whose unique style will be remembered.cherished.treasured for decades to come.

Watch McQueen’s Tribute film

Happy New Year!! 2010!

In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Life, Music, Think about this on January 1, 2010 at 12:46 pm

My new year’s resolution?

Live it up.

Hope every one ended 2009 on a positive note, and welcomed 2010 with a big happy smile!!!
hugs and kisses!

Investing Wisely

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Saving money for a rainy day?
Where do you keep them? In a shoebox under the mattress, in ziplock bags in the freezer, in stacks squished between the mattress and box spring?

or do you have them safety stowed in a CD that you can’t break when you actually need it. or a “safe” fund?
what do you do during a financial crisis where everything seems so risky?


go out with a bang. be stylish.

This is by far the most pleasing way to save money I’ve encountered so far. Piggy banks don’t get any more attractive than these.

The Perfect Thanksgiving

In Beautiful, Life, Think about this on November 27, 2009 at 5:53 pm

This Thanksgiving was the first time my family came out to see me (instead of the other way around). And this was the first Thanksgiving dinner I have ever organized! Everything was done my way (I had my sister as an assistant and my parents were tucked away sipping on their wine and browsing my photography books). Simple and Streamlined.

Here’s HOW TO: Do Thanksgiving Dinner for Four in Two Hours

1. Turkey: How on earth do you cook a turkey in two hours? You don’t. Marinate 4 chicken-breasts for 30 min (1/2 cup red wine, 2tbsp balsamic vinegar, 3 tbsp olive oil, generous amounts of salt and lemon pepper, tad bit of ginger powder, handfuls of oregano, rosemary, and other fresh/dried herbs, and tad bit of garlic). Bake. Once done, cover in deli-sliced herb roasted turkey meat.

2. Veggies: While the “turken” is being marinated, peel the skin of 6 sweet potatoes, and chop into big chunks. Wash golden potatoes and chop. Cover the bottom of a roasting pan with bit of olive oil, toss in potatoes and sweet potatoes, sprinkle with salt. Just on the potato half, sprinkle with pepper and rosemary. Bake. Toss cut sweet corn with olive oil and tiny bit of salt. Bake. Cook string beans in boiling water. Stir-fry thinly sliced onion (in crescent strips) with olive oil salt and lots of black pepper, throw in cooked string beans.

3. Gravy: Trader Joe’s ready made.

4. Pumpkin Bread: Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread Mix (I had my sister do this while I made the dinner)

5. Wine: a recommended red from  Central Bottle and a bottle of sparkling pomegranate juice for my little sis.

6. Table Set up: All main dishes in plain white plates garnished with mint leaves and lemons. Pumpkins and Apples and orange candle sticks as a center piece.

It took a total of two hours to prepare!!!! Super simple, no stress thanksgiving dinner. And mother approved! (My mum who was having anxiety attacks at the thought of leaving the big dinner in my hands was very impressed with the final outcome)

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

Photo Credit: marketcook.files.wordpress.com