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for the sake of efficiency…

In Life on April 29, 2011 at 11:37 am

It takes much less time and much less effort for me to read something interesting and press “share” or “like” than for me to do a post trying to overwork my poor brain to say something witty about it. so you can find out what interesting things i’ve been finding on the internets here.

no worries, this blog will still have uncensored, too fresh, totally original content from me.










p.s. update on my “about me”
dear my australian, malaysian, and other-countries-I-can’t-remember readers: we can now get reeeal personal, follow me on twitter

UPDATE: let’s face it. our generation is obsessed with documenting everything. we want everyone to know how bored we’re at work/school, how sick we are, how drunk we were, etc. but  don’t entirely buy that this is a mutual relationship. does everyone want to know what I had for lunch where today? –have to admit, there is a select group of ppl who do because I’m really good at picking restaurants ;)  regardless, i’m caving in and making it easier for you to track my every move. peek into my google reader to see what i’ve been reading/liking lately, and follow me on twitter to track my moodswings. one thing i’m not caving into: i refuse to check in to places and let ppl know real time where i am. that’s just creepy. 



In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Fashion, Life on April 11, 2011 at 9:12 pm

She has finally graced us with her presence in Boston! This could only mean….. afternoon tea parties, long sunday brunches, and sundresses!!!!!!! Oh how I longed for thee all winter long ❤

lovely florals from D&G


In Current Obsession, Fashion, Life on April 11, 2011 at 8:51 pm


these fun Maison Martin Margiela 11’s are $360 a pop, but do I smell a sweeet DIY project?!?! (yes. 20 PBR’s later, if sloshed me can find pliers and o rings.) Boston Marathon is this weekend…. who wants to run 26.2 beer miles?!!?

If you’re size 8…

In DEALS, Fashion on April 11, 2011 at 8:41 pm

and you’re looking for a blazer or a trench, you’re in incredible luck. check out these babies and snatch ’em up @yoox before anyone else doesssss!!!! (YSL Rive Gauche Fall-Winter line is on crazy sale. I would definitely stock up if they had these lovelies in my sizeeeee)

snag this here
(price after serious slashing? $215. unbelievable that’s like 90% off)

snag this here
($440 after criminal price slashing)

Brief update from the basement lab

In Fashion, Think about this on April 6, 2011 at 3:37 pm

Life of the sad gradstudent have taken over the life of a happy sue who does grad school as a side gig. Things are getting better, and i wanted to do a quick update on my previous post the coveted before i go on posting more things.

they actually had serious bad pr involving copyright infringement issues with another blog who uses the-coveted.com. so they’ve officially changed their blog to thecoveteur.com. I guess the blogosphere wasn’t too kind to the new kid on the block. kids can be so mean these days.

can’t shake off the bad taste after all this hoopla about how this “high powered” new blog (good connections) was trying to overtake the “little girl next door” blog. it could have gone down soo much nicer: “oh you’ve been using the-coveted.com? sorry, i saw that the domain name thecoveted.com was still avail. i’ll be nice and change my name.” how’s that for good will?

seriously, bloggers need to stop throwing hissy fits.

thecoveteur.com still has beautiful pictures and lets you take a peep inside the coveted closets of fashion insiders!