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Not all days are good but there is good in everyday.

In Life, Uncategorized on October 21, 2010 at 4:00 pm

Today…. I am channeling the paris apartment. quite literally. I have lifted the title of this post directly from her today’s post. oops.

that’s me. at the cape. enjoying my weekend and the lovely sunset. a week ago.

but i’ve been super tired this week and was wondering what was wrong me with me. this is legit the conversation that went down in my doc’s office.

me: so.. i don’t have mono?
doc: no. the tests came back negative.
me: so… why am i SO tired ALL the time?
doc: you’re probably stressed just like last semester.
me: but.. i have nothing to be stressed about! i’m light loading, i have dinner parties, i take lots of time for myself, tons of tea and chocolate to keep me happy, and i’m traveling and spending my weekends in a happy stress free manner.
doc: you may be stressed about not having a real source of stress anymore
me:….. are you kidding me? you’re seriously telling me that I’m stressed about not being stressed?????
doc: it sure appears that way.

this won’t be the first time i’ve concluded that my doc is a phony. but she’s actually absolutely brilliant.. sigh.. am i really stressed about being in a steady state of calm?

in even worse news. there is nothing that excites me anymore in fashion… i’ve been walking around in my leggings, grandpa/fisherman cable knits, mountains of scarves, and minnetonkas all week.