Overdose of Happy Pills.

Brief update from the basement lab

In Fashion, Think about this on April 6, 2011 at 3:37 pm

Life of the sad gradstudent have taken over the life of a happy sue who does grad school as a side gig. Things are getting better, and i wanted to do a quick update on my previous post the coveted before i go on posting more things.

they actually had serious bad pr involving copyright infringement issues with another blog who uses the-coveted.com. so they’ve officially changed their blog to thecoveteur.com. I guess the blogosphere wasn’t too kind to the new kid on the block. kids can be so mean these days.

can’t shake off the bad taste after all this hoopla about how this “high powered” new blog (good connections) was trying to overtake the “little girl next door” blog. it could have gone down soo much nicer: “oh you’ve been using the-coveted.com? sorry, i saw that the domain name thecoveted.com was still avail. i’ll be nice and change my name.” how’s that for good will?

seriously, bloggers need to stop throwing hissy fits.

thecoveteur.com still has beautiful pictures and lets you take a peep inside the coveted closets of fashion insiders!


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