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In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Life on May 6, 2011 at 2:03 pm

I was lucky enough today to go home for lunch (actually not that lucky b/c i was running errands) but I got a chance to snag some almost summer tomatoes, cheese, bread, and prosciutto from the market. I had myself a cute little picnic on my fire escape accompanied with soft music and whimsical river breeze flowing over from the charles. The tomatoes were sweet, juicy and just perfect which could only mean that summer is around the corner!!!

summer tomatoes always make me think of picnics and french plein air markets! (tomatoes are summer fruits, yes fruits, and they are mouthwatering. if you don’t believe me pick up a copy of french women for all seasons (written by the author of why french women don’t get fat) she, like me, raves about summer tomatoes ūüėČ

It’s definitely warm enough to do this!!!

….and it will be warm enough to do this soon!!!



In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Fashion, Life on May 1, 2011 at 3:42 pm

freshest pop of color i’ve seen to date this season. love love love the manta ray texture, burnished edges, cheeky accents, and the minimal look. designed for both comfort and statement! (pssst! they’re jellies!!!!)

‚̧ Spring is here!

although i feel like it should have been here two months ago. I love/hate boston springs. It’s absolutely lovely but ephemeral. Summer’s just around the corner so you better enjoy the balmy spring weather before it gets hot and sweaty!


In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Fashion, Life on April 11, 2011 at 9:12 pm

She has finally graced us with her presence in Boston! This could only mean….. afternoon tea parties, long sunday brunches, and sundresses!!!!!!! Oh how I longed for thee all winter long ‚̧

lovely florals from D&G

New kid on the block

In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Fashion on January 22, 2011 at 5:52 pm

There is a new kid on the block and this kid’s got the right swagger.

all pictures from THE COVETED

This nascent blog [THE COVETED], proposed to blow up into superblogdom, has been touted as the Selby for your closet. In my opinion, it is still too young/inexperienced to be justly considered a comparable blog to the Selby, but it’s interesting enough for me to add it to my go to blogs during the wee hours of boredom. (scroll down to see what my blog roll looks like)

THE COVETED features a sneak peak into closets of little known fashion darlings (the pr girls, the big time but small name editors, etc). their covet worthy items are juxtaposed against various furnitures and art. It’s up close and personal and you do get a taste of the person behind the clothes which is always nice.

we’ll just have to wait and see if it lives up to the hype.


and now… for sue’s blogroll

coco + kelley
the cherry blossom girl
sea of shoes
park and cube
jak & jil
the selby
(sometimes garance dore and the sartorialist if i’ve really run out of things to look at… and knight cat)

Pretty in Pink

In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Fashion, Life, Music on January 20, 2011 at 7:19 am

The sparse posts can mean two things: 1) my life is utterly uninteresting and there is nothing exciting to share. or 2) my life is so freaking awesome that I can’t bare to set aside the 15 minutes it usually takes me to post my little shorts.

fortunately for me, this time it’s the latter! I’ve taken 2 months off from my regular life, did nothing but indulge myself for the 1st month with getting pampered at home and traveling in europe and am currently in italy spending the 2nd month working as a science teacher for an italian high school!

currently in italy, there is the huge winter saldi equivalent to france’s winter soldes so i’ve been craving and buying lots of goodies. BUT THE IRONY OF IT ALLLLL is that I’m in italy. the land of leather and shoes. and what do i crave?

credit: the cherry blossom girl

they are part of GAP’s special design editions. They are the perfect, heavenly, dreamy combination of nude, pink, and pointy! I can’t seem to find them anywhere though ūüė¶

so dear shoe fairy,

i know you exist.
could you point me the right direction for finding this pair?


your biggest fan.



i’ve recently discovered 8tracks and this is my current track! I MISS YOU

Sweeten up my day

In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Life on November 9, 2010 at 4:32 pm

Louis Vuitton does a Paris City Guide!!!!! This section is on pastries! colorful colorful pastel Saint Honorés to sweeten up my day!!!

I’ve been craving macarons ALLL week and just yesterday I was dreaming of Ladur√©e’s delicate Le¬†Saint Honor√© Rose-Framboise when I woke up to this video this morning!!! (1. yes, to fight back going back to sleep on a cold rainy morning, i do something productive in bed. like salivating over youtube videos of pastries 2. if you’re wondering the macaron to Saint Honor√© connection, this is how it goes: my fav. macarons are from Ladur√©e and I was reminiscing the other day of the perfect afternoon tea at Ladur√©e¬† I had with a friend back in Paris where I had Le¬†Saint Honor√© Rose-Framboise!¬†)




In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Fashion on November 3, 2010 at 1:56 pm

check out how adorable the new limited edition Dior eyeshadow palette is:

Rene Gruau (illustrator and Dior’s friend) sketched the iconic 1974 Bar suit that appears on the palette. It’s like carrying a little art piece in your purse! Unfortunately, it looks too precious, too pretty, for me to stick my shadow brush in and swirl around…

These paletts come in dusky gray, silvery purple, light pink, and black.
They currently go for $90 at NeimanMarcus.

This Dior Tailleur Bar Set would be the perfect stocking stuffer! for those perfect stocking made out of virgin wool and embroidered in gold.

Monday Morning Inspiration

In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Life, Think about this on October 25, 2010 at 1:46 pm

dreary morning in boston. and it’s monday, which puts me in a even drearier mood. but this short had me up and running. i have to do the things I have to do or else it wouldn’t be mine to do.

its touching to think that there are these people out there who have no idea i exist who i had no idea they existed that inspire me everyday. that do the tasks I would never credit them for doing but do it any way and do it FANTASTICALLY.

and the soundtrack to this documentary is also inspiring. perfect with morning tea.


UP THERE – trailer from The Ritual Project on Vimeo.

I’m over compensating

In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Fashion on October 21, 2010 at 4:15 pm

to compensate for my lack of enthusiasm over all the new collections, this post is dedicated to my one and only frighteningly ferocious love, Rick Owens.

I’ve been salivating over this jacket and contemplating on the justification of the splurge ever since i tried it on at the store over this summer. Yes, under the sweltering heat of august sun, i dared to try on mountains of sheep shearing encased in leather. it’s got this intense ribbing on the arms that just yells freakish. it had me at freakish. i mean, honestly, who doesn’t want a freakishly fiercely bamf leather jacket just in time for halloween?

just when i thought i couldn’t possibly salivate any more in fear of dehydration, this lovely piece of item was added to luisaviaroma.com.

do you think if i scream I LOVE RICK OWENS I LOVE RICK OWENS long enough the halloween fairy “cough dad cough cough” will plop one of these luscious jackets on my lap?

Channeling an amazonian queen

In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Fashion on August 25, 2010 at 2:28 am

this is what i mean when i say i’m dripping in gold.¬†layers and layers of bling. walking around in this get up alone would be enough workout to keep every inch of my body toned and taut. but as much as this looks ethnic/luxurious/fierce, it also looks a little bit ¬†more¬†like a jungle woman who found a heap of jewelry in an abandoned wreck and just threw everything on. i almost¬†definitely see an lithe girl with long and lean muscles from her days in the amazon, a smidgeon of dirt on her gloriously tanned skin, and a ragged dress made out of animal skin underneath all that bling.

anyone up for exploring the jungle with me?


pic lifted from FrouFrouu who lifted from Nicola