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A Tolerable Anarchy

In Current Obsession, Life, Think about this on November 9, 2010 at 12:16 am

The recent dinner conversations and coffee chats I have been having lately evolved around the idea of a family in our current society and its economic influences. And interestingly enough I picked up this book called a tolerable anarchy by jedediah purdy because it received favorable reviews and it reminded my of my philosophy classes from my undergraduate years. And there is this excerpt from the book that got me thinking more about this crazed country I am a citizen of and all of its broad farfetching implications. seriously, if you have unrelenting passion for learning and some serious ADD, i highly recommend this book.

Samuel Johnson the famed brit imagined of America and it’s laughable Declaration of Independence in the 1770’s as such: the colonists pursuing their anarchic principled into the forested hinterlands of North America, far from any superior power. Somewhere beyond the Allegheny Mountains, a lonely rebel and his dog would collapse near starvation. The man would give some sensible order, which the cur would defiantly refuse, and the pair would congratulate each other on their sublime liberty.

And this parable, the author feels that still applies to our nation today.

“there are plenty, too, who would say that Johnson’s parable of the American and his dog holds today: that we deny one another respect and care while congratulating ourselves on our freedom. For the left, this is the mark of the winner-takes-all, loser-pays American economy, where the unchecked market drives out fairness and compassion, and as one liberal commentator remarked after President George. W. Bush vetoed a children’s health bill, people are fee to die of whatever disease they choose. From the right, the problem lies more in a culture that prizes self-expression above all, makes abortion and same-sex intercourse constitutional rights, and neglects fidelity, integrity, and other virtues that preserve families and communities.”

i’ll let you mull it over.


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