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read it.


made even more relevant after all the stir amy chua’s Tiger Moms caused. I think this is the best cultural reflection essay on asian americans I have read to date. seriously. (if you’ve ever read one of those ridiculous out of date, just plain irrelevant cultural reflection essays–like the ones I’ve had to read because my middle school english teacher was really big on diversity and learning about our diverse student body’s cultures–you’ll really appreciate this one just because it’s at least relevant.)



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I was lucky enough today to go home for lunch (actually not that lucky b/c i was running errands) but I got a chance to snag some almost summer tomatoes, cheese, bread, and prosciutto from the market. I had myself a cute little picnic on my fire escape accompanied with soft music and whimsical river breeze flowing over from the charles. The tomatoes were sweet, juicy and just perfect which could only mean that summer is around the corner!!!

summer tomatoes always make me think of picnics and french plein air markets! (tomatoes are summer fruits, yes fruits, and they are mouthwatering. if you don’t believe me pick up a copy of french women for all seasons (written by the author of why french women don’t get fat) she, like me, raves about summer tomatoes 😉

It’s definitely warm enough to do this!!!

….and it will be warm enough to do this soon!!!


In Fashion, Life, Think about this on May 2, 2011 at 4:41 pm

BVLGARI has recently pledged 7.5 Mil to Save the Children Fund, and part of this pledge comes from proceeds of BVLGARI Save the Children Ring sales. The ring retails for $370 and for every ring sold, BVLGARI gives $75 to Save the Children. Among 30 high profile bloggers given the opportunity to be an “embassador” (their rings most likely complimentary) to promote awareness (of the fund or the ring?) is seaofshoes & refinery29.

Could this be possibly another ill designed marketing ploy that exploits world issues, children, and people’s emotions? Support a child, shellout $370 for this subtle badge of honor that lets everyone know you’ve saved children while being on trend.

Granted, I’m not much of a BVLGARI fan–if David Yurman were to do a 100% of proceeds go to charity, you would see me pressing my nose against those glass displays at the store–I’m a bit put off by this. Doesn’t it seem a bit unethical? BVLGARI “pledged” 7.5 mil, each ring generates a donation of $75. I’m sure BVLGARI doesn’t plan on selling 100,000 rings (or do they..? scandalous) to uphold the pledge, but they are still pocketing revenue of $295 per ring sold.

Whatever their motivation maybe (or poor planning by their strategist), this campaign would have been astronomically more exciting were BVLGARI donating all proceeds of the rings sold. They have to fill the pledge somehow and it would have been more notable and raised fewer eyebrows with the all proceeds route.


In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Fashion, Life on May 1, 2011 at 3:42 pm

freshest pop of color i’ve seen to date this season. love love love the manta ray texture, burnished edges, cheeky accents, and the minimal look. designed for both comfort and statement! (pssst! they’re jellies!!!!)

❤ Spring is here!

although i feel like it should have been here two months ago. I love/hate boston springs. It’s absolutely lovely but ephemeral. Summer’s just around the corner so you better enjoy the balmy spring weather before it gets hot and sweaty!

for the sake of efficiency…

In Life on April 29, 2011 at 11:37 am

It takes much less time and much less effort for me to read something interesting and press “share” or “like” than for me to do a post trying to overwork my poor brain to say something witty about it. so you can find out what interesting things i’ve been finding on the internets here.

no worries, this blog will still have uncensored, too fresh, totally original content from me.










p.s. update on my “about me”
dear my australian, malaysian, and other-countries-I-can’t-remember readers: we can now get reeeal personal, follow me on twitter

UPDATE: let’s face it. our generation is obsessed with documenting everything. we want everyone to know how bored we’re at work/school, how sick we are, how drunk we were, etc. but  don’t entirely buy that this is a mutual relationship. does everyone want to know what I had for lunch where today? –have to admit, there is a select group of ppl who do because I’m really good at picking restaurants ;)  regardless, i’m caving in and making it easier for you to track my every move. peek into my google reader to see what i’ve been reading/liking lately, and follow me on twitter to track my moodswings. one thing i’m not caving into: i refuse to check in to places and let ppl know real time where i am. that’s just creepy. 


In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Fashion, Life on April 11, 2011 at 9:12 pm

She has finally graced us with her presence in Boston! This could only mean….. afternoon tea parties, long sunday brunches, and sundresses!!!!!!! Oh how I longed for thee all winter long ❤

lovely florals from D&G


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these fun Maison Martin Margiela 11’s are $360 a pop, but do I smell a sweeet DIY project?!?! (yes. 20 PBR’s later, if sloshed me can find pliers and o rings.) Boston Marathon is this weekend…. who wants to run 26.2 beer miles?!!?

Pretty in Pink

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The sparse posts can mean two things: 1) my life is utterly uninteresting and there is nothing exciting to share. or 2) my life is so freaking awesome that I can’t bare to set aside the 15 minutes it usually takes me to post my little shorts.

fortunately for me, this time it’s the latter! I’ve taken 2 months off from my regular life, did nothing but indulge myself for the 1st month with getting pampered at home and traveling in europe and am currently in italy spending the 2nd month working as a science teacher for an italian high school!

currently in italy, there is the huge winter saldi equivalent to france’s winter soldes so i’ve been craving and buying lots of goodies. BUT THE IRONY OF IT ALLLLL is that I’m in italy. the land of leather and shoes. and what do i crave?

credit: the cherry blossom girl

they are part of GAP’s special design editions. They are the perfect, heavenly, dreamy combination of nude, pink, and pointy! I can’t seem to find them anywhere though 😦

so dear shoe fairy,

i know you exist.
could you point me the right direction for finding this pair?


your biggest fan.



i’ve recently discovered 8tracks and this is my current track! I MISS YOU

Sweeten up my day

In Beautiful, Current Obsession, Life on November 9, 2010 at 4:32 pm

Louis Vuitton does a Paris City Guide!!!!! This section is on pastries! colorful colorful pastel Saint Honorés to sweeten up my day!!!

I’ve been craving macarons ALLL week and just yesterday I was dreaming of Ladurée’s delicate Le Saint Honoré Rose-Framboise when I woke up to this video this morning!!! (1. yes, to fight back going back to sleep on a cold rainy morning, i do something productive in bed. like salivating over youtube videos of pastries 2. if you’re wondering the macaron to Saint Honoré connection, this is how it goes: my fav. macarons are from Ladurée and I was reminiscing the other day of the perfect afternoon tea at Ladurée  I had with a friend back in Paris where I had Le Saint Honoré Rose-Framboise! )


A Tolerable Anarchy

In Current Obsession, Life, Think about this on November 9, 2010 at 12:16 am

The recent dinner conversations and coffee chats I have been having lately evolved around the idea of a family in our current society and its economic influences. And interestingly enough I picked up this book called a tolerable anarchy by jedediah purdy because it received favorable reviews and it reminded my of my philosophy classes from my undergraduate years. And there is this excerpt from the book that got me thinking more about this crazed country I am a citizen of and all of its broad farfetching implications. seriously, if you have unrelenting passion for learning and some serious ADD, i highly recommend this book.

Samuel Johnson the famed brit imagined of America and it’s laughable Declaration of Independence in the 1770’s as such: the colonists pursuing their anarchic principled into the forested hinterlands of North America, far from any superior power. Somewhere beyond the Allegheny Mountains, a lonely rebel and his dog would collapse near starvation. The man would give some sensible order, which the cur would defiantly refuse, and the pair would congratulate each other on their sublime liberty.

And this parable, the author feels that still applies to our nation today.

“there are plenty, too, who would say that Johnson’s parable of the American and his dog holds today: that we deny one another respect and care while congratulating ourselves on our freedom. For the left, this is the mark of the winner-takes-all, loser-pays American economy, where the unchecked market drives out fairness and compassion, and as one liberal commentator remarked after President George. W. Bush vetoed a children’s health bill, people are fee to die of whatever disease they choose. From the right, the problem lies more in a culture that prizes self-expression above all, makes abortion and same-sex intercourse constitutional rights, and neglects fidelity, integrity, and other virtues that preserve families and communities.”

i’ll let you mull it over.