Overdose of Happy Pills.

No Pants Gallery

No Pants on the T – BOSTON

“Do I have to be registered to take my pants off on the T?”

-Rachel Buchhorn

The no pants coordinator holding up his no pants umbrella.

The cape lady.

The film crew + eager crowd

confused about what he’s filming

The fearless leader strategizing + admirers

The first one. to take his pants off.

Step 1: Drop your pants

Step 2: Take off your pants

Step 3: Strike a pose

Waiting for the next train with no pants on @HARVARD

Dropping them pants in front of an amused crowd.

Creeper in the back taking a cell phone shot.

“How indecent!”

Giggling while taking your pants off always makes the onlookers smile

Gigglers answering questions from the onlookers.

Q: Hey why are you taking your pants off?
A: Oh we’re just overheated.

First date with no pants.

Babysitting with no pants

Coordinated pants off

Electric Blue short shorts on the T

no pants. but shoes are a must

nonchalant with no pants

Reading on the T with no pants

Strutting it with no pants

Lost and Confused without any pants on

Keeping it gangsta with no pants

Getting interviewed with no pants

Enchanting lady with no pants. Tell that tale.

“Last fall, I suffered seriously from that H1N1 virus. And I promised to the man upstairs that if I ever got better from this, I was going to live my life a little more.”

Swine Flu: inspiring people since 2009.

“I can do without pants, but I still needed to stick my thumbs in somewhere”

Inside the T crowded with no pants-ers

Outside the subway car.

Gathering of no pants-ers in their no pants family


No pants conquerors…

… and their backsides

School kids with no pants

More school kids with no pants

Mission accomplished. Everyone heading out

Waiting to go home. still no pants.

Successful first date. going home with no pants on.

The no pants babysitters again!




All smiles after a day of no pants

putting pants back on the subway

and shoes.

disgruntled on looker. “why are you putting your pants back on?”





Winner of Best Underwear of the No Pants Day

© H. Sue Cho 2010.
It is unlawful to reproduce above photos without permission for commercial or non-commerical use. Contact suecho87@gmail.com if you wish to gain access to these photos.


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