Overdose of Happy Pills.


UPDATE: let’s face it. our generation is obsessed with documenting everything. we want everyone to know how bored we’re at work/school, how sick we are, how drunk we were, etc. but I don’t entirely buy that this is a mutual relationship. does everyone want to know what I had for lunch where today? –have to admit, there is a select group of ppl who do because I’m really good at picking restaurants 😉  regardless, i’m caving in and making it easier for you to track my every move. peek into my google reader to see what i’ve been reading/liking lately, and follow me on twitter to track my moodswings. one thing i’m not caving into: i refuse to check in to places and let ppl know real time where i am. that’s just creepy. 

Project Sue Cho was launched on September 21st, 2009
8 days short of the 22nd anniversary of Sue Cho.

Project Sue Cho shows recklessly edited pieces of Sue Cho’s uncontrollable sea of thoughts. Thought vomit anyone? All comments are welcome.

  1. Girl, I am so excited to keep reading this. This is going to cheer me up every day

  2. Hi Hallie Sue Cho–No harm in adding to the infinite blogosphere. Will you invite me to join smarterer? I am a professor in the MFA in Design+Tech at Parsons The New School for Design. Check us out! Thanks so much and keep up the good work! Louisa Campbell

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