Overdose of Happy Pills.

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In Current Obsession, Fashion on April 8, 2010 at 10:38 pm

It was repulsion at first sight. I glanced over the shiny glass display cases and something that looked like lobster claws caught my eye. Immediate reaction? OMG WHAT IS THAT THING?

You know when you taste something disgusting, you sniff at it and take another bite? just in case? to make sure that it’s actually disgusting? Same deal. I walked over to make sure that it’s actually disgusting. I even politely asked the dashing salesman to take it out for me so i can try it out. (All the while, I was cringing my face and breathing deeply to soothe the uncomfortable churning of my stomach.)

Upon closer observation i did indeed notice that these were leaves. not lobster claws. After trying them out, i fell oddly in love with it. It’s just like your mom’s heinous 80’s dress with massive shoulder pads. You know its repulsive, your body tells you no. But you still keep on trying it on and prancing around the house. (maybe this is just me) I was actually disappointed to find out that these were leaves. I seriously like the idea of iridescent lobster claws dangling by my neck. My next jewelry line? Forget golden flower petals and pearls. it’s going to be RED HOT LOBSTER CLAWS.

  1. they’re feathers sue

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