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Eat, Pray, LOVE

In Current Obsession, Life on December 13, 2009 at 9:56 pm

Julia Roberts is filming the movie!!!!!!

so excited!!!!!!!

Roberts on the set of Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love really hit home with me last (2008) thanksgiving. A bunch of friends and I were grocery shopping at COSTCO for  hefty thanksgiving dinner at their fraternity when I decided I would purchase this book. I finished the book that sunday and felt empty. I was manically stressed with school work and job search and my life at that point felt meaningless to me. I’m not gushing and saying that Eat, Pray, Love had been a life altering book, but it’s one that so many of us can relate to and feel good because we recognize that we’re not the lone weirdos who get manically depressed about life. and empty at the same time because you’ve just realized that you’re not a sole artist struggling to figure out life

I just read about the news while reading an interview of Penelope Cruz by Marion Cotillard on INTERVIEW MAG and just got too excited for no reason. cheers to procrastination and stressing more about life. I’m totally living on the edge right now, rolling dies and making decisions about my future on a whim. here’s to my last yr at the ye olde univeristé.


sometimes, when i’m bored and need motivation to live life like it was meant to be, I read the interviews on interview mag. some of them are not all that interesting at all (kristen stewart one was a total bore) but lots of them are superbly interesting! (like the one on MK Olsen and Winona Ryder) Check it out!



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