Overdose of Happy Pills.

President Jamil Mahuad

In Life, Think about this on November 11, 2009 at 2:31 am

We had a surprise guest today for our negotiation class!!!

Prof. Shapiro asked us to stand up in middle of lecture to welcome a guest and all of us were totally dumbfounded when this friendly older gentleman in a grey suit walked in. Everyone was whispering who is that? when Prof. Shapiro introduced him as the former president of Ecuador who worked with the former president of Peru to negotiate a border dispute and sign a peace treaty. We worked through this very case with him and he gave a really inspiring speech at the end about coexistence and understanding.

I am still totally in shock, awed, and inspired. On cloud 9 right now. He shook my hand!!! And said it was a pleasure to meet me and asked me where I was from. My friends will probably think I’m nuts for still gushing about him when I didn’t even bother seeing the broadcasted speech when President Obama came to our campus.

But honestly, having such a close encounter with someone with such amazing experiences and beliefs that you look up to is an incredibly uplifting experience. My goal in life is to add positive value (interpret that however you will because its still very ambiguous to me) to humanity and meeting President Jamil Mahuad motivated me to keep on going.

I hope someone someday will inspire you to do something that you love and truly believe in!

. . . . . . .

A short plug for Prof. Daniel Shapiro (Below on the right) who is one of the most amazing professors I have ever met.

photo credit: Harvard Gazette

If you’re interested in gaining Negotiation tactics or reading more about power, emotions and relationships during a negotiation, it might be VERY worthwhile to check out his book “Beyond Reason: Using Emotions as You Negotiate.” Prof. Shapiro is an expert on Middle East foreign policy issues and he currently serves on President Obama’s National Security Council.


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