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Absolutely the Cutest Ever!

In Beautiful on October 5, 2009 at 5:55 am

Twins Joe and Duke (10). Son of Shopgirl and performer Pippa Brooks. These two cuties were featured in LOVE mag and had possibly the cutest interview ever:

Joe and Duke, 10
Twin sons of fabulous Shopgirl and performer Pippa Brooks, Joe and Duke are a riotus pair of young rogues whose belly-rippling talents have already impressed millions on YouTube

Did you like being photographed for Love?
Joe and Duke: Yes!

Did you enjoy dressing up?

Was it boring having to sit still?
Duke: Yes
Joe: It took 100 seconds!

What are your favourite subjects at school?
Joe: ICT Suite
Duke: Science and Literacy

What music do you listen to?
Joe: Patrick Wolf
Duke: I like Black and Gold

Who gets to decide what you wear – you or your mum?
Joe and Duke: Us!

Do people ever get your names mixed up?
Joe: We tell the teachers to close their eyes and I put Duke’s glasses on and he puts mine on and they get mixed up!

What was the best birthday party you ever went to?
Joe: My birthday party at school, we played musical statues and musical chairs.
Duke: Charlie’s because he’s got a big garden we could all play in.


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